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There are too many infinitives to learn at once.

Why not split it up more over the entire course. It's not like we're gonna use ALL of them immediately.

July 19, 2017



I don't think there are too many; for me it's more that there is no structure to them, and that makes the chapter a bit overwhelming.

I'd like to see the chapter emphasise more the four main conjugation families, and the irregular verbs.

By learning the infinitives strongly /by family/, I believe it would feel less like being hit by a wall of verbs..


I think that the same thing could be said for adverbs, good suggestion.

Here's a flashcard deck that I did to help: https://tiny.cards/decks/713a051b-cc5f-4a65-b603-c7a93ab7e6dd


Yeah, I was having a discussion on another board here about this. It would be nice if they broke up the infinitive modules into conjugation families.


I feel the same way about the plurals, def. articles, and plural def. articles, to be honest.

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