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Add Persian language

Hello everyone my name is Pedram and I'm a native Persian(Farsi) speaker who teaches English in Tehran , I would like to suggest duolingo to add a Persian language course and I'd be more than happy to help because it would be an honor for me to try to promote the Persian language and culture which are one of the richest, oldest and one of the most beautiful languages in the world.

July 19, 2017



I think that would be so awesome if you would do that!! I've always wanted to learn Farsi!!


That's very kind of you, I hope I can contribute and help adventerous people like you learn my beautiful language!


Send in an application to work on it.

[deactivated user]

    I have always dreamed about visiting Tehran and Shiraz, doing some English teaching for a little while(though not more than a month or two because of my fiancee). I would be grateful beyond grateful if you were a part of getting this language up and running. Though I want to ask, will you do anything about Dari and Tajik? I am told Dari just has a few slight vocabulary differences, but Tajik uses a completely different alphabet. Will this be all three major dialects or just Farsi?


    Hello, native Farsi speaker here! All three, Dari, Tajik and Farsi are major dialects of Persian. Farsi is more prominent and also more updated, and has more Arabic loanwords than the other two. Dari, is an older form of Persian with a completely different intonation and not-that-slight differences in vocabulary. Where Farsi speakers would prefer French words or pronunciations, Dari speakers prefer English. (For example, Farsi speakers call "chocolate" /shokolaat/, while Dari speakers call it /chaaklet/, according to Farhang Moaaser's Farsi-Dari Dari-Farsi Dictionary) Nonetheless, we understand each other pretty well. Tajik, on the other hand, is written in Cyrillic instead of the Persian alphabet, as you mentioned. People can understand each other when speaking, but usually not when writing. From the very little exposure I've had to Tajik, their vocabulary doesn't have striking differences from ours. Tajik is also newer than Dari.
    Have fun learning, and fell free to contact me anytime! You may find me here or on Memrise Community.

    [deactivated user]

      I would very much like to learn Farsi and Dari both. I actually almost got picked up by the US military just because I was in shape and could through some Persian around(in shape geeks who care about the middle East are a rare treat and the Navy eats us up), but then I realized that a job where one mistranslation during a peace talk or a negotation could kill everyone isn't for me. Too stressful, ya know? But I still want very badly to see Persia.


      Regarding at resources, learning Farsi should be easier. (And possibly more useful as well.) I suggest you strengthen your Farsi, then branch out to Dari. I honestly have no idea of the actual relationship between US forces and the so-called "Islamic" republic's forces in the area, but I know this; Farsi is not a language of war and resentment, but quite the opposite. Persian literature is proof of that. Overall, you won't regret having learned Farsi! ^_^

      [deactivated user]

        I meant more for Afghanistan, but yeah. And oh I know, the literature from Persian is just lovely! Rumi is a genius of love!


        That just proves my point, but at a larger scale; I know next to nothing about Middle-east relationships!
        Lovely, literally! :D Indeed, and His Lordship Rumi is also skilled at what we call "educational literature". It also wouldn't be fair not to name Haafez (Hafiz) when it comes to love! :D

        [deactivated user]

          To keep it simple and not be political, just to where it counts for why I was considering military, if I spoke Persian I could be paid a lot of money to go to Afghanistan to speak to Afghan soldiers and help relay orders between them in allied movements with the USA.

          And I have never read any Hafeez so thank you very much for pointing me towards a new name!


          Mmhmm. I didn't question your intentions though, I get the feeling that it might've gone that way.

          You're welcome! You might like Ganjoor for original Persian poetry! :D


          I'm pretty sure if a course is made that one dialect will be chosen, probably Farsi. I've heard that Dari and Farsi speakers can understand each other very well, but as you said Tajik uses the Cyrillic alphabet and differs in vocab and grammar. Maybe it could be added as a bonus skill?

          [deactivated user]

            That could possibly work. I am curious about what would happen if Dari and Farsi got sort of wrapped up into one course. Car and gun could be suggested translations for the same word.


            Farsi and Dari are basicallly the same thing the grammars are similar ,and 90% percent of the vocabulary are alike. It's just some pronunciations that are different

            [deactivated user]

              Thanks! P.S. I hope they use your voice for the pronunciation if you get in. I am told that the Tehran accent is dignified and beautiful.


              Awe thank you very much , the Tehrani accent is known as the reference accent of Farsi but all accents are beautiful and special ', the Farsi language has so manya ccents.


              See this discussion on adding languages and here to apply to contribute. I would love for there to be a Farsi course on Duolingo, if possible!


              Yeah, and they pretty much never respond to them either.


              Too many people are trying to add Persian (also me), check out this discussion : https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23364259

              Contribute languages here : https://incubator.duolingo.com/


              Thank you for the guidance; I just filled out an application form to add the persian language course please get as many people as possible to upvote my suggestion. Peace


              Your discussion will soon be buried under new discussions, and it may not be seen at all. I find that many people (specially non-native English speakers) don't even bother to read Lrtward's post here, on the procedure of adding a language. (You'll see it when you enter discussions) To vote for adding Farsi, you should upvote this discussion, as mentioned in Lrtward's post.


              You're welcome :) Did you read my comment in that discussion? It's been for two years that I've been filling a lot of forms and still I have not got any emails for contribution :( sometimes Duolingo surprises people and suddenly adds a new language. I found many Iranians who want to add Persian (find them in the discussions below). Duolingo says first we've got to contribute English for Persian speakers first then Persian for English speakers, now we have English for Arabic speakers so Arabic for English speakers comes sooner. I can tell you more if you want (I'm experienced too much about Duolingo) but it's much better to read it by your own so please check out theses discussions :




              Are you new here?


              منم امیدوارم فارسی اضافه بشه. خیلی مردم می‌خوان این زبان یاد بگیرن. موفق باشید!


              خیلی ممنون حتما با حمایت شما امکان پذیر میشه!


              Hope they allow you! I so want to learn Farsi!


              Create a course for it on Memrise.


              I know that the website Lingopolo now wants to add Farsi. It's not as big as Duolingo, but it's free too for people.


              If u want Duolingo to add Persian and other languages to their app sign this petition https://chn.ge/2KZSssV


              any luck with adding farsi?


              Hi, yes I agree. There's a shortage of 'free' resources for Farsi(Persian). I started offline with a teacher, but really require additional resources to supplement my learning.


              Hello to all interested people to Persian language. We are a Persian language learning startup team who are trying to gather some free stuff for people who are interested in learning this language. We try to improve our contents for better and would like to know about any new ideas or comments on the way we are doing our job. Therefore, it would be highly appreciated if you could visit our website at https://learnpersian.us and let us know about your ideas and suggestions.


              My name is Elena, I am From Romania, I visited Tabriz and Tehran a long time ago. I wish I could return to visit the cultural sites of the ancient Persian empire, Ispahan, Yazd, Hamedan, Shiraz and thus to be able to understand basic Farsi


              So glad to hear that you liked Iran. We are a Persian language learning startup and have started a website to provide free stuff for people interested in this language. In case you are interested, you can visit https://learnpersian.us and follow our social accounts for daily Persian Words.


              Hi Pedram, I also have a personal interest in contibuting to Farsi on Duolingo but I don't know how. The application for contributors seem to only work for already existing languages. How did it go with your application?


              DuoLingo, let’s make Persian happen!


              Yes please! Persian is important!

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