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"Mam dużą rodzinę, więc powinienem kupować dużo wody."

Translation:I have a big family, so I should buy a lot of water.

July 19, 2017



I have a big family, so I should buy a lot of alcohol.


Is it important to drink alcohol?


"Powienienem kupować" doesn't translate to "I should be buying"? As in, I should have made it a habit to do so, I should have been doing that. Wouldn't "should buy" translate better into "powienienem kupić"?


I'm not a native polish speaker, but your question makes sense to me.

However, I think the imperfective 'kupować' is used here habitually, which you shouldn't translate in English with a continuous aspect.


Thanks! I guess I found English the more difficult part to understand this time.


A native speaker of English told me that your comment 'sounds reasonable', so I guess we can make such a change and put 'be buying' as the main answer and just 'buy' as an accepted one.


Sorry, but I don't agree with this at all. By the way, Pol didn't either in the comment above.

"I should be buying" could show urgency (I should be doing it right now) or some kind of contrast (I should be buying a lot of water, but I'm not doing it). But here, "I should buy" is the better choice, no matter if we're just talking about one day or making a general statement.


OK, let's go back to "should buy".


Why only those who control water sources should profit from it? Water should be free for everyone.


I agree to a point, but there is evidence that people are wasteful with free things. A nominal charge?


Gradual peaceful change of human mind towards caring of a long-term survival of life on Earth…


"I have a large family so I should buy lots of water" wasn't allowed. Seems fine to me


Added "lots of".


How about "I have a big family, so it is necessary to buy a lot of water"


Impersonal 'it is necessary' is not a translation of personal 'powinienem'.


That would be more like "Mam dużą rodzinę, więc trzeba (mi) kupować dużo wody."


I think that "trzeba mi" sounds rather dated.


"I have a big family, so I ought to buy a lot of water" was not accepted.


Added "ought to".


I have a large family is a very common term used as often if not more than big, and more refined.


"large" works.


Having read the discussion above, I'm quite puzzled why "I have a large family, so I should be buying a lot of water" wasn't accepted, twice.


Your answer was made the main answer about a week ago. But I see the report that almost certainly is yours and it's green, there's nothing wrong in it. Either it was a bug or the process of applying the changes made on our side is slower than usual. But I do see the changed main answer at the top of this discussion page.


If it helps the English word "ought" is always followed by infinitive. I ought to buy water. However the word implies that although there is a good reason to buy the water I am not going to do it.


I am not aware of such a distinction, and neither are the natives that I asked...


Sorry why duzo wody, woda is feminin?


Yes, "woda" is a feminine noun. The quantifier "dużo" takes a noun in Genitive, Genitive of "woda" is "wody".

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