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Yesterday I made a dutch tree marathon

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I love dutch. In fact, I love it so much that yesterday night I had a downright insane idea and decided to make a tree marathon, or Maratree if you like. I started from the last unit and went back to the top strengthening all the units in just one sitting. I did a successful timed practice session per unit, with the self-imposed restriction that, in order to progress, at least 15 out of 20 exercises (75%) had to be correct -- kinda loose threshold, but typos can be quite frequent (and annoying) when racing against the clock for hours on end.

I started around 8 pm and finished right before midnight. It has been quite a ride, very challenging and immersive, sometimes frustrating, but in the end totally rewarding.

Final score of the day:

Some practiced skills, as seen from the clubs interface:

Kudos again to the dutch team, you are amazing people!

Oh and btw, any news on the dutch tree v. 2.0?

July 19, 2017



Wow, good job! :D

About tree 2.0, it has been submitted, so it should launch to A/B testing. However, due some technical difficulties on Duo's side, no one is testing yet. We don't really know how long it will take. When it is ready, there will definitely be an announcement from us! ;)


Ik heb er zin in!


Congratulations! And I must say, that's actually quite a good idea - I might actually try that very thing myself today!


Je bent goed bezig geweest! Heel indrukwekkend!


That's really impressive; it would've taken a good memory to complete that task! Well done!


Geweldig, wat een supergoed resultaat!


Cool idea, congrats! How decayed was your tree?

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It was completely golden to begin with


Ah, cool! I like this even more! People are so weird about thinking if something happens to show up as gold there's no use in strengthening it.

I hope you got a good amount of translation into Dutch?

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Yes, the desktop version has a lot of translating involved, that's why I always choose it whenever it's possible. With the addition of time to the equation, it becomes quite challenging and you must know almost every word and expression by heart. I love timed practice, it really pushes you to the limit.


Congrats on your achievement.

BTW Since you are improving a golden tree, I would advise you to also start doing Dutch practice next to Duolingo (if you aren't doing so already). At some point you will know everything there is to know about the Dutch tree, but there is so much more language and culture you can get in contact with. :)

You can for instance think about: do speaking practice, try to find a Dutch friend, listen to music, read a (comic) book, watch a film, change your computer language to Dutch, watch youtube clips, read Dutch news/websites, visit the Netherlands or Belgium or Suriname, or anything I haven't thought of. Whichever of these things you like best!

Good luck!


Congratulations on you accomplishment! This makes me study more and more Dutch :)


Congratulations !!! How can you get such motivation !

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