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Yesterday I made a dutch tree marathon

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I love dutch. In fact, I love it so much that yesterday night I had a downright insane idea and decided to make a tree marathon, or Maratree if you like. I started from the last unit and went back to the top strengthening all the units in just one sitting. I did a successful timed practice session per unit, with the self-imposed restriction that, in order to progress, at least 15 out of 20 exercises (75%) had to be correct -- kinda loose threshold, but typos can be quite frequent (and annoying) when racing against the clock for hours on end.

I started around 8 pm and finished right before midnight. It has been quite a ride, very challenging and immersive, sometimes frustrating, but in the end totally rewarding.

Final score of the day:

Some practiced skills, as seen from the clubs interface:

Kudos again to the dutch team, you are amazing people!

Oh and btw, any news on the dutch tree v. 2.0?

1 year ago