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"Tu ai un cățel și un hamster."

Translation:You have a puppy and a hamster.

1 year ago



hello, i think before words that start with H is acceptable to put the article "an"

1 year ago

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Actually, the rule is that "an" should come before a word that starts with a vowel; the key thing is that this concerns pronunciation, not spelling; because English has such a horrid letter-sound relation, it can be confusing and you can't tell from the written form.

For example, the word "hour" begins with a silent "h" followed by a vowel, so it's "an hour". However, the "h" in "hamster" is pronounced, so it's "a hamster".

As a rule of thumb, I think most English nouns that are spelt with an initial "h" have it pronounced, I can't even think of another exception, besides "hour". But knowing English, I'm sure that there are more and some dialect-related complications.

1 year ago