"Azantys ābre urnes."

Translation:The knight sees a woman.

July 19, 2017

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Why would it not be "Azantys urnes ābre"? That would be easier. . . .


True, but it's just the word order of High Valyrian.


For English speakers for sure, but HV is a language with noun cases, so the word order doesn't have to be fixed.


It is interesting to see when a new language is created, that parts are made harder for no apparent reason.


Harder for whom? For a speaker of a language with noun cases and flexible word order, it wouldn't be so difficult.


Exactly, it is not super simple but it is easier for us than for other people with a language that is characteristically contrary in those two linguistic/gramatical rules. In any case, we all (whatever our mother tongue) have to memorize the words, know the root of the word, the suffixes, etc. I mean, it's not the table of 2.

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