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New Post-lesson screen

They made a new one, it has an advertisement, and the wheel gooeeessss soo sllooowwwwlllllyyyyyy.

The wheel is really small and it looks a bit worse than the original, but it doesn't look terrible.

Please make the wheel go faster and bigger :D

Anyone else have it too?


July 20, 2017



From your description, some of us have had this for a while.

Just don't wait for the wheel to go round; the points have already been attributed to you. Click Continue instead. (Which might anyway take you to a page with another advert.)


What platform are you using? iOS, android or the website?


There's a new end practice/lesson screen for the website. Not sure about other platforms.


That's interesting. It has been out in iOS probably in early 2017 along with ads, the health system and gems.


The website now has ads (only for some of us apparently) but fortunately no health system and gems. The ads have become MORE obtrusive on the web than they are on iOS.


Yup, it just changed for me yesterday.


I liked the old wheel, these ads are driving me nuts, so bad Adblock had to be installed


I don't like ads ether ... there REALLY annoying!


Simply click "Continue," as SpringBark said.

It just appeared yesterday or the day before on the PC site, at least for me, between one lesson and the next. You're right the counter is incredibly slow. If there are ads then providing time for reading them would prob. be the reason for its being slow. But I haven't seen the ads yet, thank goodness.


I have that to.....just click/tap the Continue .it steal gives you the XP and stuff.


Even the continue button takes forever to show up for me. I've given up on Duolingo. I can't stand the ads and I finished the Spanish tree ages ago. I wouldn't consider paying unless they expanded it a lot.

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