"Skorverdon qintrȳti ūndā?"

Translation:How many turtles did you see?

July 20, 2017

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Presumably qintrȳti is the genitive plural, rather than the dative or locative (they have the same form in the aquatic plural in the fifth declension).

The vocabulary list at dothraki.org confirms this as genitive:

skorverdon [skoɾ'verdon]
int.pron. how many (+ genitive, usually plural) ( < skore + verdon.)
Skorverdon valoti ēdrusi? — How many men are sleeping?

Source: https://wiki.dothraki.org/High_Valyrian_Vocabulary#S

Other examples exist:

Skorverdon azantoti riña urnes? which anyway rules out the locative, as azantoti (solar, 3rd declension) is only for genitive and dative. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23530560

Skorverdon valoti dāri majaqsa? https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23604130

Skorverdon valoti ēdrus? https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23608027


Basic use: possessives, and in general anything that would be expressed with "of" in English.

Source: https://wiki.dothraki.org/High_Valyrian_Noun_Cases

My guess - we're meant to think of this as How many of the turtles did you see?

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