Can I get my streak back?

I had a large streak because that's the only thing that makes me motivated and if I lose it I know I won't have the mental energy to continue. But I was sick yesterday so didn't log on and buy a streak freeze so now I've lost it. Is there anyway I can get it back even if it costs loads of points? I don't want to lose my motivation to continue.

July 20, 2017


Is there anyway I can get it back even if it costs loads of points?

Only if you use the iOS app which will offer you(*) to pay real money to buy it back.

(*) at least if it's the first device on which you open Duolingo after the loss of your streak. If not the first device (like in your case), not sure it'll offer you that.

I was sick yesterday so didn't log on and buy a streak freeze

If you mean that you didn't bought a streak freeze the day you didn't work: having doing that wouldn't have saved your streak.

Streak freeze is meant to be an insurance in case one day in the future you'll not be able to reach your daily goal. Therefore (as it's about future), it starts covering you only the day after its purchase.

If you don't want such "loss because I couldn't log in" to happen again: buy right now a streak freeze and check everyday that you log in that it's still here (if not, because it'll have protected you hence be consumed, buy a new one to be protected again).

July 20, 2017

No it doesn't. It covers you that day if you don't complete your daily goal

July 20, 2017

It covers you that day if you don't complete your daily goal

No, it doesn't cover you for the day of the purchase if you happen to not reach your goal the day you buy the streak freeze.
Many users have lost in the past their streak due to that: one day they realized they'll not have time to practice that day then bought a streak freeze thinking it'll protect them for the same day. It didn't and they lost their streak.

A streak freeze starts protecting the day following its purchase: it's an insurance for the future, it's not a free pass for the same day.
When you buy it, then you'll be protected from the next day (and until it's consumed by protecting you).

If you one day you don't have yet a streak freeze (bought the day before or any day before that) and realize you'll not have time to complete your daily goal, the only thing you an do is:

  1. set your daily goal to the minimal possible (and save the change)
  2. reach that minimal daily goal.
July 20, 2017

You are absolutely wrong. I did this many times and it works like a charm every time. Please get your facts straight.

January 3, 2019

Just to prove that you're wrong, worth your explanation, it wouldn't be possible to not practice for 2 days. Because when you lost your streak freeze on the first day, you'd buy it again on day 2, and when you don't practice on day two, with your explanation, your streak freeze would not work (because you've bought it the same day) and you'd lose your streak. But I went a whole week without practicing but with just buying the streak freeze every day. I was on vacation. P.S. you've wrote it like the streak freeze works only for the day after you purchased it and it'd burn automatically after that. That's wrong too and it stays and will be used the day you'd need it.

January 3, 2019

But there's one thing: sometimes (maybe the times you bought the streak freeze on the same day), when you don't practice, Duolingo shows your streak as zero. But when you complete your practice on that very next day, your streak would be back. So maybe people saw that zero day streak and became depressed and disappointed and didn't try to practice for that day. And they lost their streak because they didn't practice and they didn't have streak freeze!!!

January 3, 2019

You can buy it probably back in the Android app when you click on the store.
The optional store item might only show up on day 0 (with no additional XP gained / lessons completed), so hurry up!

There won't be any "You lost your streak popup window", like they they seem to do on the IOS IPhone app when you login.

You can install the Android app even on Bluestacks@PC/Window (Android emulator).

July 21, 2017

I just found a way to get back steak without any problem. But unfortunately cannot share here. P.S I am not going to misuse it.

January 5, 2019
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