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Can I get my streak back?

I had a large streak because that's the only thing that makes me motivated and if I lose it I know I won't have the mental energy to continue. But I was sick yesterday so didn't log on and buy a streak freeze so now I've lost it. Is there anyway I can get it back even if it costs loads of points? I don't want to lose my motivation to continue.

July 20, 2017

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I think we'd all like to get ours back. I miss understood what equipping a streak was, so like you I didn't buy back and then found I couldn't.

I think next time I'll think hard before starting again for motivational reasons. Also all my lessons are now really hard as I'm on the orange level in the two languages I'm concentrating on and I've forgotten a lot.

45 sentences in one lesson for Romanian give little reward when it takes me sometimes 35 minutes to do one lesson for 10 points and 2 bonus ones.

Plus I have fewer crowns in Romanian, despite finishing that tree so all are orange, than I have in Welsh where I have several topics I've not started in Welsh yet ( but the ones I have done are all orange).

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