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  5. "Eu mănânc strugurele mic."

"Eu mănânc strugurele mic."

Translation:I eat the small grapes.

July 20, 2017



Is "little grape" really correct? I would argue that "small grape" is better.


I selected "small grape" and it was correct.


Isnt this saying I eat the small grapes? Shouldn't it be strugurele mici?


No, strugure is a masculine noun, and the plural is struguri. Strugurele is the singular with the definite article.

  • strugure: grape
  • strugurele: the grape
  • struguri: grapes
  • strugurii: the grapes


why the translation gives "... grapes", or the plural? Strugurele means "... grape", or the singular, as said below.


In my impression there is no strict correspondence between the English and Romanian terms. “grape” is often used for a single berry while “strugure” means a whole bunch of grapes. Maybe that's why Duolingo translates the singular “strugurele” by the plural “the grapes.”

Could someone with more experience corfirm or correct this?

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