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Du or ihr - tinycards

When I'm using tiny cards to reinforce the verb forms, it asks me in English "you drink". How do I know if it wants ihr or du? Should it have "you all drink"? Or "you (plural) drink"? Or am I missing something obvious?

July 20, 2017



No you're right, that's the problem with TinyCards. There's no room for different answers. You can, however, click the "I was right" button if you're marked wrong but your answer was technically correct, but you have to be fast about it, haha. That thing disappears with the speed of cockroaches in a suddenly-lit room.


If it asks for "You drink", no more, I think both are fine to use


But it marks it as wrong if you don't choose the one it is "thinking of".


Is there any option to report it? If it doesn't give any clues about whether it is singular you or plural you it need to be reported as unclear / should have accepted both answers.

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