"Tu ai livra de carne?"

Translation:Do you have the pound of meat?

July 20, 2017

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Yes Shylock, I have it in my chest! (see Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice)


Is the livra used like a measure in Romania?


We're on the metric system, so we don't actually use it. I've read some books translated from English where it is used to translate "pounds", but more often than not imperial units are converted to metric ones.


According to Wikipedia, Romania adopted the metric system in 1864. But more importantly, the units they used for weight were the dram and the font, which leads me to believe that livra would only be used in translation and perhaps some other restricted contexts.


Skip the livra totally. PLEASE Duolingo!


I got it due to the context but I couldn't actually hear "libra". Is it just me not used to listening to stuff in Romanian or is this sound file actually misleading?


UNFORTUNATELY, THE AUDIO/SOUND OF THE ROMANIAN PRONOUNCIATION IS OFTEN NOT QUITE GOOD.....i "misunderstand quite often resulting into wrong translation..... and when the lady does pronounce too well it sounds too exagerated!


Discutabil. In romana a livra egal a distribui... Deci pot folosi delivery... Depinde de sensul ales...


what a stupid phrase Dl "introduces"again..... i would think that the question in common language would have been;: do you have A pound of meat? so DL please skip such unused and old fashioned words/expressions

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