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French | Tips/ Advice for newbies.

I've seen plenty of brand new French learners here on Duolingo and I would like to wish them all the best. Learning a language from scratch (or not!) is difficult. I myself am not very good at French, yet. I would like to just say don't give up, it might be really confusing, irritating and annoying that you are struggling right now but it will get much easier. The feeling when you nail your first proper sentence or read a statement and understand most of it is priceless. I have gotten plenty of advice and tips from others here are some of them:

1) Have great interest in the language. 2) Regularly practice/ study the language. 3) Don't be afraid to ask for help (Everyone was a newcomer at some point) 4) Surround yourself with French, and I mean it literally. (French books, audio books, watch French news/ TV channels) 5) Enjoy it and don't make it a burden for yourself. 6) Keep that motivation bar up high.

I hope this helps. If there is anybody that would like to share, please do!


July 20, 2017



I would also do the reverse tree, it really helps. For example, if english is your first language, you learn the french tree. And then you do the reverse tree (where you learn english). It makes you input french a lot of the time instead of translating the french, which helps you memorize.

memrise.com is the place to go if you wish to spiff yourself up on vocabulary.

Youtube! Youtube is a great place, whether it is music or looking up shows like telefrancais (a kid's french show).

Also lyricstraining.com is a fun game-like site where you input what you hear (in the musical sense) (many languages on here, lot's of fun!)


Yes! The reverse tree.


Thank you, the site you listed are very helpful :)


Thankyou for this wise advice of the second latest duolingo generation!


Thank you for the great advice. I am coming back to Duolingo and studying French again after not practicing for a long time. One of my favorite methods for immersion is to change my phone language to French so I get to see all the paramètres en français :) It helps me get used to seeing the language. It also makes any apps I download start in French (if available) and Google searches serve French language results as well. Listening to French songs/musicians is also fun!


Aww, that's great that you're taking French up again. That is a great hack!


You're brave! I think I'd get very frustrated if I swapped my phone to French. Maybe in a few months but not just yet. Good on you. I do listen to French music though, love it.


Thank you very much for this post! I just started learning French last week and will definitely use some of the tips you mentioned. Wouldn't those tips also work with any target language?


Yes, they would. :D


How long have you been learning French for?


thank you for the great advice it is very motivating


It's a pleasure.


Thank you so much for the amazing advice!


Thanks for the advice.


shall we knight this advisor?

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