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french quickly

how long does it take to learn french from duolingo? i wanna be fluent asap. am i able to be at least 80% fluent and understand 100% of french in like 4 months? it doesn't help that i dont have anyone to practice french with. so for those who learned french quickly from duolingo or from any other resources would you please tell me how you learned french ...how many hours per day of study etc. merci :)

July 20, 2017



Why are you in such a hurry? I took 2 years of college French and still enjoy learning more many years later.

Duolingo may be able get you to A1 or A2 CEFR level on reading, which is roughly equivalent to one semester of French. For speaking, listening, and writing skills, you will need to use additional resources to get practice. If you spend sufficient time and effort to do all that, you could possibly get up to maybe B1 level.

Many people who are proficient at languages don't use the word fluency because it's vague and means too many different things to too many different people. There are people like Benny Lewis who will tell you that you can become fluent in a few months. However, keep in mind that a) It's their full-time job. These are people who spend at least 8 hours a day learning the language. Most people have other things to do. b) After you know a couple foreign languages, you can often learn other languages faster than someone who is just starting to learn a new language for the very first time. c) They are nearly always selling something.

If anyone has been able to understand 100% of French after four months of Duolingo, I've not seen anyone mention that yet. Some have even commented that they did Duolingo for months or even years and didn't understand anything at all. This is not to disparage Duolingo or discourage you in any way. Everyone goes at their own pace. Some might finish their tree quickly and incorporate other resources. Others might do only Duolingo for long periods of time.

Go at a pace that feels comfortable to you. At the end of four months, please keep learning French if that's what you really want to do regardless of how far you've come by then. A lot of studies show that amount of time studying doesn't necessarily translate to proficiency. So, it's great that you are thinking about how you want to spend that time and are seeking to plan your study time. Here are a few other resources to try because Duolingo alone won't be enough in any amount of time. Experiment with what works best for you and if something doesn't work, then try something else.

  • Listening - French TV (I have a couple of French TV channels ordered from my cable service). Movies (Netflix or DVDs). Podcasts. Audiobooks. Internet radio channels. Youtube videos on language learning. Don't focus on understanding everything at first but try to understand anything. I usually start with alphabet pronunciation videos, then move on from there. If you get discouraged, try easier content (little kids shows) or find written support for the spoken French. Get written transcripts in French of podcasts. Get an unabridged audio book and book.

  • Speaking - It's best to practice with another person. If you don't know anyone who speaks French and is willing to practice, you can try a conversation class, skype tutors, in-person tutors and so on. Or, you can try talking to yourself (I'm serious) or your dog or cat. However, it's hard to correct yourself.

  • Reading - Visual dictionaries, even those meant for little kids are great. Try reading a book in your native language then the French book. Bilingual books with French on one side and English on the other are even easier for beginners. First, try kid stuff and magazines in subject that interest you.

  • Writing - Writing is probably one of the hardest skills. A couple grammar books or perusal of French grammar resources online can be helpful. Try writing a diary or a shopping list in French. You need practice and at some point someone to correct you. I used to recommend lang-8 but I've hear they are not taking new people.


Well i have already tried some cartoon and stuff which are okay as long as there are english subtitles. As for the bilingual books they sound great but where can i get something like that?? can you recommend an online book or sth. For me grammar is a nightmare so i havent gone anywhere near writing yet. As to why i am in a hurry well i am going to medicine university in a country that requires knowledge of french. so yeah time is running out and i need to apply soon. My exam is in may :(


ReadingA-Z.com is a brilliant website to read books since it already organized books from easiest to hardest. So just start from the beginning.

For grammar, use kwiziq.com. If you're dedicated, you can master in a couple of months. I'm about level B1 with grammar and only used the site for 3 weeks.

For speaking, use https://www.italki.com/i/CdcAaC
I find italki great for beginners because you pay for a teacher ($6-$8/hr), so you don't feel like you're being judged.

Once you have a little confidence or just don't want to pay, use speaky.com to find partners and then use skype or whatever to talk. You need to talk. Don't just type. Otherwise, you will never be fluent.

Did you say in May? It's July now. How do you get 4 months?


well i have 8 months but i wanna finish asap cause i got other subjects to study. so i wanna be fluent so i can do a little french together with my other subjects. in medicine there is too much :( u get it right? but thts beside the point anyways thanks for helping :)


OK. In that case, I would advise you to do duolingo, kwiziq, and italki/speaky all at the same time. With italki/speaky, try to speak at least an hour a day. That's pretty much full immersion.

I'm sure you can find plenty of people who would love to speak to a beautiful young lady, but if you have money, I would still recommend italki because these people are professional. You won't just talk randomly and don't learn anything from it.

Now this sounds strange, but my listening comprehension improves significantly when I study the free audio book "Les 500 Exercices De Phonétique." You can find it floating somewhere on the web.


hmm i see i will try thanks a ton!!


Did you know about this? It appears to be working.



Will instruction at medical school be in French? Or do you just need French for everyday life in that country? Do you have any previous experience with French? If the exam is in May, that would be 10 months, right?

I'm not sure where you are, but you can look for bilingual books on Amazon or the European book company http://www.europeanbook.com/

I can't recommend any bilingual books specifically, but this search should get you started: https://www.amazon.com/French-Stories-Fran%C3%A7ais-Dual-Language-English/dp/0486264432

I do sometimes buy the same book in both English and French both in written and audio form.

Watching French content with English subtitles will probably make it seem easier at first, but it will slow you down in the long run. Try turning on close-captioning or French subtitles instead. Streaming/DVD/DVR are probably best because you can then pause or rewind when needed.

Grammar is unavoidable, especially in French, but everyone tends to learn it in different ways. You'll need to find what works best for you. I find it helpful to have a grammar book to use as a reference. There are lots of resources online. I print out those that are useful and put them in a huge binder. If I'm confused about something or keep making a mistake but don't understand why, it helps to check the grammar behind it. My knowledge of English grammar is mostly intuitive, but I found that some study was required for French grammar.


To first answer your questions french is a requirement to apply and i have got everything for medicine apart from french basically, fortunately we dont have to study in french medicine is already hard enough!! . I wanna learn french asap cause i am quite busy preparing for uni so i wont be free enough to learn french well. I have got 4 months where i can devote most of my time to just french. The amount of grammar is overwhelming which makes it hard to remember every single detail!!! If you learned french, how long did it take you and are u fluent now? would u say u know the grammar by heart?


Which country and school is this? Do you know what CEFR level of French you'll be expected to pass?


You're out of luck here I'm afraid. To become fluent you'll need a lot more than Duolingo. Finishing the tree is entirely attainable in the constraints of 4 months, but you won't be fluent. Duolingo only gives you the basis you need to form the language ie. the grammar etc. To become fluent you'll need to become immersed. Try watching French YouTube videos, join French internet communities (or more specifically, French learners) and you can also use other language learning websites like Memrise or Busuu to help you out. But this process takes a lot longer than 4 months, it may take years to become fully fluent. If you want to become fluent your best option is to spend time in a Francophone nation or community.


Well thats a bit discouraging but i am willing to devote lots of time for it. I believe i can finish the tree in less than two months. I am hard working but my exam is in may and i need to excel and not just pass to get into med uni. what is the francophone nation??


A fracophone nation speaks French.


here are some tips and resources to speed up the process of French fluency: http://languagesenrose.tumblr.com/Ultimate%20French%20Resources good luck


omg this is great i was looking for something like this!! are you a native french speaker?


I believe you can get to a conversational level in 4 months, about 50% fluency, but you have to speak at least an hour a day in french.

This is doable. There are plenty of french people who want to learn English. Go to speaky.com and find plenty of them there. Do that along with Duolingo.com and you should see some great success in a short period of them, but for the last 50%, it is going to take years.


French is not a quick 4 months of studying but more like 4 years.Bonne chance.Do not forget to learn a slang.


Hi Lora! I'm a French young teen. If you want to learn french I can help you to learn quicker than Duolingo. You can talk with me in French and I will correct you. My whatsapp is Elena Desailly. See you soon for talking :)


How do you start a chat in WhatsApp using your name? Don't you need a phone number?

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