"Eu fac vreo trei alergări pe zi."

Translation:I do about three runs per day.

July 20, 2017

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This should have been "I run three times a day". You never say "I do around three runs a day" in English, it's unnatural.


Even in Romanian, "Eu alerg de vreo trei ori pe zi" sounds more natural.


Many years ago, I actually heard a very similar sentence from the lips of a milkman. (In such a case, "run" would stand for "delivery run".)


I guess that would translate to something like "Eu fac vreo trei runde de livrare pe zi".(?)


Very true, in English I would by default interpret this to mean something like delivery runs. Running running three times a day would require more stamina then most people have. I'd like to know from native speakers whether "alergări" is used in this way in Romania.


"alergări" can mean either "to run" or "delivery runs". Native Romanian speaker here.


Very frustrating to have to word by word use an "english" translation that only describes a very special case of runs. Delivery runs.

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