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Android app fixing mistakes in lessons

I have noticed over the past two weeks or so there is a change in my android app. Originally, when one would make an error on a question the program would go on to the next exercise /question and then 2 or 3 questions later re-ask the question you got wrong. I LIKED the way this did this as I felt it required effort to remember the correct answer etc. NOW, the app just repeats the same question over and over again until you answer it correctly. This is frustrating and sets up boredom in the lessons. Why was this changed from how it used to work?

I LIKE Duo lingo BUT I feel that the app is beginning to get somewhat tedius and I feel I am hitting a plateau and boredom will set in and I will stop doing my lessons.

I like the challenge of learning something new and to really make me work to remember the lessons.

Please change this back.

Also, please give out better rewards for hard work. I don't personally care about the little owl having different outfits. I want access to more challenging material, perhaps even going outside of the app and have the ability to get discounts on items. Again, feeling like I am hitting a plateau.

July 20, 2017

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Already described for "incorrect questions" with only "1 spacing" here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/23567121

This is a problem of Android V3.52.2.
Try to rollback to version V3.51.2 (the one version after "timed practice" fix or any version before the timed practice change).

I am not sure what recent versions I had tested...but it only got to my attention with that version.

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