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  5. "Kesho kutwa ni Iddi-el-hadj"

"Kesho kutwa ni Iddi-el-hadj"

Translation:The day after tomorrow is Eid al-Adha

July 20, 2017



What is Iddi-el-hadj for day/festival?


Don't quote me on this but I think it's the end of Ramadan. I'm sure Wikipedia has an article on it ... and there's quite possibly also an article in Swahili.


Actually people usually refer to it as Eid al-adha. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eid_al-Adha


Translating these names doesn't make sense....


Why not? The Swahili names and the English names are often different. Both come from Arabic, but they are still written and pronounced differently.

Elsewhere in this course, however, we were taught that the Swahili word for "Florida" is ... "Florida". Surprise!


Isn't this often just refered to as "Id" or "Eid"?


There are two Eids; Eid Al-Adha and Eid Al-Fitri.


Well, that doesn't really answer my question. I didn't know there were two, but that doesn't really falsify my question. It could still be refered to in a shorter way. I've often heard people refer to Eid-el-Hajj as just Eid or Id, at least when talking to muslims who live in Norway. My question is, is this only Norway or is this common elsewhere also?

And besides. I really don't understand why people downvote questions. Answer them if you know the answer, or leave it. It's not like this question has been asked many times before.


Yes it is referred to as Eid and Muslims will usually greet each other by saying "Eid mubarak". So for official reasons it will be known as either Eid Al-Adha or Eid Al-Fitri. Eid Al-Fitri is the one after the month of Ramadan and Eid Al-Adha is the one that comes after Eid Al-Fitri after 2 months and 10 days.


Eid al Adha is the day after tomorrow was rejected for The day after tomorrow is..! So annoying


New speaker is even worse somehow than the previous. Horrible sound quality and way too quiet

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