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aime vs adore

When is it appropriate to use one word over the other?

July 20, 2017



In French aime means to like something and adore means to love something


"Aimer" means to like something, while "adorer" means to love something. However, if you're talking about loving a person, you would use "aimer" instead of "adorer".


J'aime le lit. (I like the bed.) J'adore les oranges. (I love oranges.) Je t'aime. (I love you.)

Hope this helps!


Yes it does. Merci!


If you like something use aime

But if you like it alot, or love it use adore


Aimer is used for both like and love. example J'aime le vin - I like wine or J'aime ma mère -I love my mother Aimer bien is used for like or like a lot. J'aime bien le café- I like coffee Adorer is love, love a lot, or adore in the same sense as the verb adore in English. Je t'adore. I love you. In the past I have been taken to task from natives when using adore with an object but that may have been the people I knew.


I always thought "je t'aime" meant I love you!


It does I just used that example for adorer, I probably should have said, I adore you instead of my example.


This is still confusing; Lawless suggests that "j'aime mon chien" means "I love my dog". My understanding is that "j'aime" only means "I love" when applied to people, otherwise "love" = "adore". Looking forward to any advice.

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