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"Мы будем работать, пока всё не будет сделано."

Translation:We will work until everything is done.

July 20, 2017



почему "не"?

[deactivated user]

    It is of "пока (something) не (happens)" This is how we say 'until'.


    In this case I think of it as "while (everything is not done)"


    [deactivated user]

      It looks similar, but construction of 'while' is "пока {something is happening or exists}".

      The phylosophy (forall languages) is that non-existence is not an entity we can rely on. When we say "while (something is missing)", "пока (чего-то) нет" or "пока someone not doing something", we actually mean an existance of a state (consequent to an absence of something or someaction). It's like "while the teacher is missing or does not look" = "while we are unobserved"

      The phrase "всё не будет сделано" does not describe a state. The equivalent state is "всё не сделано" (in present tense) or "ничего не сделано" (half-negated). The actual state is "while we miss the results" or "while we have t work". In this case the negation is part of state description. But in original sentence it is part of construction "пока ... не ..."

      As a native speaker I several times happened in situation trying to exchange the constructions, and failed (to negate unnegatable).


      This is almost like quantum mechanics :D


      Schrödinger's Russian State cat.


      This is very confusing!


      "While everything is not done" (more literal) = "until everything is done" (the above sentence)


      Hi Morgana & Leandro, you have both done a lot of French. This reminds me of the French construction eg something has to be done -avant qu'il n'arrive-, which is translated as: -before he comes-.


      I typed "until something happens" into yandex and got, "пока что-то не произойдет". interesting.


      можно тоже сказать, "мы будем работать, до всё будет сделано" ?

      [deactivated user]

        It is possible to say "мы будем работать до тех пор, пока всё не будет селано" = "We will work until the times when everything is done", but it is longer and we can skip "до тех пор".

        And also we need negation here because "пока" uses logic of "while", but not of "until".


        Можно сказать "We will be working, untill everything is done"?


        So, "Мы будем работать, пока она не будет мёртвая" = "We will work, until she's dead"? Like user SnakeBelmont, I don't understand the negation. It's likely a fixed phrase you just have to memorize, but if anyone has tips on getting the logic behind the "не", I'd be grateful.


        Think of it as "We are going to [continue to] work, as long as everything is not finished". Crazy, though.


        This is the best advice here, thanks!


        I'd rather use "пока она не умрёт" or maybe "пока она не будет мертва" (which is a bit stilted).


        'We will be working until everything is done'. Why is that wrong?


        I understood it like that: Пока is also "while" so, We will work while everything will not be done.

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