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"He is between a cat and a dog"

Translation:Yupo kati ya paka na mbwa

July 20, 2017



Why did it not like "Yeye yupo katikati ya paka na mbwa"?


I have the exact same question. I think it should be accepted.


Yes, it should probably be accepted, at least as per the notes (and examples) of the skill:

"The personal pronoun can be used in front of the locative, or omitted as well once it becomes clear to whom the locative is referring."


Yu- is equivalent to a- used with verbs, but is used with the locatives po/ko/mo. In standard Swahili, you can't say apo - it is yupo instead. (This yu- is a funny little quirk, but it can also be seen in the demonstratives huyu and yule.)

-po indicates a fairly exact location. If the cat and dog were very far apart and your intention was to say "somewhere between ..." then I'd guess (but I'm not certain) that yuko would also be possible.


Sjodni, why indeed? Especially since the drop-down tells us to use Yeye!!! Frustrating!


The drop-down is worthless for this sentence. Please fix! Asante.


why is it here "kati" and not "katikati"?


Both should be accepted, and both can be used to mean something else in a different situation. Kati can mean "among" for example: Kuna msaliti kati yao meaning there is a traitor among them. Katikati can mean in the "middle" for example: Usicheze katikati ya barabara meaning Do not play in the middle of the road.


yupo and yuko should both work


'yuko' is used for more general locations e.g. 'yuko nyumbani/shuleni', 'yuko Dar Es Salaam'


Why not "Yeye kati ya paka na mbwa" should't that ne accepted as well?


No, that is not correct. You can say "Yeye yuko kati ya paka na mbwa" or "Yeye yupo kati ya paka na mbwa" but you really don't need that "yeye". You can use a specific name such as "Juma yuko kati ya paka na mbwa" or "Juma yupo kati ya paka na mbwa." And, when it comes to yuko and yupo regular Kiswahili speakers usually use those two words interchangeably.

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