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The worst thing someone can say to you when you've lost a streak?

I know the kinds of things that I don't like people to say to me when I've lost something I personally held to be important. But, what about you?

What's the worst thing someone can say to you when you've lost a streak?
(Please don't use this moment to express how you think others should feel when they lose a streak.)

And alternatively, what's the best thing they can say to you, personally?

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July 20, 2017



I think the worst thing might be, "Well, you should have bought a streak freeze, they're available in the Lingot Store, ya know".

Or maybe, "Well, I don't care about my streaks, if you were like me, you wouldn't care either."


The worst is being told it's not that important. I don't want to be told what should and shouldn't be important to me. The streak is important to me because I know how well it works with my psychology and losing it would be bad for my personal psychology. I know the language learning is the most important thing, but when I lost one ages ago, that did not make me feel one bit better and I just felt annoyed at anyone who said it. I obviously already knew that the language learning was the most important thing, so it also comes off as patronizing. Obviously I don't come back to build up a number on someone else's server, but the number is also motivation to keep coming back.

The best thing is being told you can get back up and do it again, to keep going, to not lose heart. Danish happened to be released the day I lost my last streak, so I took it upon myself to make it the day I started my Danish journey.


I also dislike when people try to tell me that what is important to me isn't important, simply because it is not important to that person.

Your response to the release of the Danish course was awesome! :D


Hmm, I'm not actually sure. I've lost a streak of 511 days... I can't really think of a 'worst' case thing but that's probably just attributed to my own personal outlook on streaks after having lost a big one. As for the best thing, I think something along the lines of encouragement for the reinforcement of what you've learned not having been lost would be best for me; that is, even though the number's gone the knowledge isn't (again, this hinges greatly on my personal outlook on streaks now, since others could easily find that patronizing and dismissive of their hard work).


Best thing? This post. I've never posted a discussion specifically about losing my streak, but if I did, I want it to be something so positive and memorable as this. It's such a happy post, with so much love, it makes me feel like maybe losing a streak isn't too bad a thing, with such a great community! <3


The best thing? I haven't posted an ''I lost my streak'' thing (yet, probably) but the best thing would probably be mailing them a cookie. Or directing them to a nearby cookie store.


True, when I give other people cookies, it tends to make me feel better too. (Especially if I can eat one of the cookies.) ^_^


Cookies don't help in the long run.

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