"Two strong men and two skinny women."

Translation:Doi bărbați puternici și două femei slabe.

July 20, 2017

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Any info on "oameni" and perhaps a female version? Thanks.


"oameni" (sg. om) is the Romanian word for "humans", "people". The default translation of the sentence above is "Doi bărbați puternici și două femei slabe". I guess the course makers accept "men" to be translated as "oameni", because that's how it's sometimes used in English.


Thanks -- I agree that "men" can share the same meaning as "humans", but typically I think of a more general use like, "Be nice to your fellow man" (shares with human) whereas this example is talking about "Two strong men..." etc and feels strange saying "humans" unless I am an alien. Good to know though, good practice with the word usage.


The audio for "slabe" is wrong because it sounds like z instead of s. I reported it on May 7, 2018.


Does number always take precedence over gender? In other words, "slabe" is used over "slaba" because it's plural?

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