"Where is paradise?"

Translation:Peponi ni wapi?

July 21, 2017

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Why does this use "ni"? Shouldn't it be "pako"?


I'd agree with you, but I've also seen ni used a lot with locatives. I'm not sure how correct it's regarded as. I know that, at least in tenses other than present, where you have to use a form of the verb kuwa, the -po, -ko, -mo become optional if it's clear.

Eg. "I was here" can be:

Nilikuwapo hapa.
Nilikuwepo hapa. (some speakers)
Nilikuwa hapa. ("Hapa" makes it clear enough.)

So bringing that to the present tense, where kuwa is replaced by ni/si and kuwa[LOCATIVE] is replaced by [SUBJECT.PREFIX]-[LOCATIVE], you can see that using "ni" here is analogous to using the simple kuwa without the locative in other tenses.


Even "Peponi iko wapi" should work?


I agree. And that's what Google Translate says it is.


I think pako or iko would evoke the sense of "where is paradise at right now?", similar to Spanish estar rather than ser.


Peponi iko wapi should be accepted.

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