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Is It Good If I'm Doing Time Practice Most Of The Time? Without Using The Regular Untimed Feature?

I've Recently started doing timed practice for most of the time that I need to strengthen skills, Does It teach me everything that the regular one does? Is It good to do timed practice? What percent of the time do you do time practice? Answers Will Help, THANKS!

July 21, 2017



It's fine if you don't make lots of mistakes. If you do, then slowing down can be a good idea. Whether or not I used timed practice depends on what stage I am in learning a language.


I only use timed practice if I really know the skill/language. Otherwise, I use regular practice. For example, I use timed practice quite a lot in Italian and Spanish, which are languages that I'm reasonably confident in. However, I wouldn't dare try to use it in others.


It is really up to you. But Timed practice is usually most useful When you are at the stage of testing you memory and how natural your brain relates and pull the meaning, sound recognition etc. If you can't go through a lesson without out min thinking about it. I suggest you stick to the regular way and give you brain time to naturalize it first. Sometimes rushing ends up making it harder and more confusing. But everyone is different just my opinion. Do what works best for you GL and enjoy learning :)


Providing you get a decent proportion of the questions correct before timing out, timed practice is better as it accustoms you to thinking more quickly into and out of your target language. We remember things better when under pressure to do so.

I always use timed practice where I can. I use regular practice only where I find something particularly difficult. Using timed practice in languages with different scripts is also a good way to get used to typing them at speed.


The first two or three times I do a new skill I do in normal time. I then use time practice to keep the circles refreshed but if I find I'm running out of time on a lesson I go back and do it in slow time.


There is nothing harmful about it


Time practice is good. In real life, when someone says something, you respond right away. You don't sit there and wonder what it means for 5 minutes. So right or wrong, you answer. Time practice gives you this.


I have started doing the same - thanks for asking this, I was wondering the same. Without time-practice you have much more time to think about the grammar of the sentence, and it includes more vocab. It also forces you to correct your mistakes before allowing you to finish. But time-practice can give you a good judgement of how strong you are instead of just a feature to use with skills you are only confident with. For example, if I am strengthening the unit "Time" and I get only 14 out of 20 answers right, I know I have to work on that. However if I do "Objects" and got a 20, I don't have to worry about that. And plus, it gives you the XP you deserve, if you are weak, less, if you are strong, maybe a whole 20 - double that what you get in a normal mode. This can be taken as a good incentive to make ourselves better, I guess.


Personally, I would use both but probably use the Untimed Feature 70% of the time and the Timed 30% of the time. Usually I would start with the untimed feature, because you can slowly make your way through it and look at what you got wrong. The problem with the timed feature is that it doesn't give you much time to see where you went wrong, as when you get something wrong you usually straight away go to the next question.

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