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Feminine nouns starting with "H", Ma, and elision

Hello. I am a little confused about whether or not elisions apply to feminine nouns starting with "H" and whether the word "ma" (my) ever has elision.

For example: habileté

Does it work the same as feminine nouns starting with a vowel? e.g. mon amie, mon habileté

Or does "ma" have elision? e.g. m'habileté

Does "ma" as in "my" ever have elision? e.g. in my absence > en m'absence, or en mon absence, or en ma absence ?

Thank you.

July 21, 2017



Nope, possessive adjectives (e.g. ma) never elide. Using m' to mean "my" is never, ever, ever correct. Instead, the rule is that any singular noun that starts with a vowel sound (thereby including those that start with h), whether masculine or feminine, takes the masculine singular possessive adjective mon. Same rule applies for ta → ton and sa → son.


  • mon chien (masc. sing.)
  • ma chienne (fem. sing.)


  • mon ami (masc. sing.)
  • mon amie (fem. sing.)

So yes, it would be mon amie, mon habileté and mon absence, even though those are all feminine.

And of course, if it's plural, all concerns about masculine vs. feminine get chucked out the window.


Merci beaucoup pour l'explication! Je comprends :)

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