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Problem with first time learning of words

If you're learning a word for the first time, why are you presented with the question : "Translate "The Sun"" , when you haven't even been taught the word ? Does Duolingo expect us to use Google Translate or how are we meant to work this out ?

I think things need to be changed so that the meaning of the word is taught before it asks questions in this particular format ?

July 21, 2017



There should be hints if you click on each word.


There are no words to click @elizadeux, there is only the question : "Translate The Sun" ( and 3 images of the word ).

You're thinking of the situation where they present the new word that is underlined in green, in which case, yes, you can click the word. This particular question type, does not teach the new word as the word is in the same language that you're learning from.


Sounds like the problem is with the pictures. Whenever I have questions like this, only one of them is the sun. (Granted, sometimes it is a bit hard to tell what it is that is being shown in the pictures.) If they're all the same, I'd think a bug report is called for.

Then again, I've only ever seen new words highlighted in orange, not green, so maybe our systems are different in other ways, too.


In that case, the picture of the sun should be the hint. I'm sorry that I'm a little confused and not understanding the problem.


If you can't translate 'the sun', you may for the first time do something wrong. Then, at the end of the exercise, you will need to translate 'the sun' again, and you will be able to know it because the time you did it wrong, the correction was written on the bottom.


Agreed. I just think the first time you learn a word, if it's a list of images (normally when the word is an object of some sort), at least the app should not enforce a guess, it should train us with the new vocab first before it asks you what the word is.. If you're using the iPhone app then you lose a health point by putting the wrong word in.....

I don't mind too much about guessing and making a mistake but if you lose health over it that's not fair. I will keep an eye out for whether that happens on iOS, as I use both PC and iOS.


It does seem at times that a question is asked before the information is presented.


You're right and the easiest way to learn is to guess and make mistakes. It will then show you the right answer.


Yes, sometimes they don't teach the word with the picture, leave out the picture excercises before, whatever....

DuoLingo's method is known to "just throw in the NEW word" where you can usually peak.

Try to do the DuoLingo clone course on Memrise.
You might love how they bring up the single NEW word 6 times until the flower is fully planted.


I can get you a screenshot if you don't believe me.


I'd like a screenshot, because I'm personally a little confused about what exactly you mean.

But it's not because I don't believe you c:


I'm a little confused too, so a screenshot would be helpful.


Ok, please give me time to get to a lesson in which that instance occurs, it's pretty rare so it'll take me some time.

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