Does anyone have any details about when/if Finnish is coming to duolingo? Thanks if you are able to tell me anything.

July 21, 2017


Unfortunately, we won't know anything until it's actually added to the incubator. Which might be tomorrow or several years from now.

Luis said maybe two months ago on Reddit that it will eventually be added. He didn't say when.

Have you already taken a look for learning Finnish at Mondly (or Memrise)?

In English:
Mondly languages added 19 new topics to their tree:

In (native) German:
Mondly Languages hat 19 neue Themen zu Ihrem Baum hinzugefügt und ist für viele DE Ausgangssprachen verfügbar:

Here is a post where you can upvote asking for Finnish:

Do you speak Finnish? Is that why you want to learn it more or something else?

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