"Sunt peste tine."

Translation:I am above you.

July 21, 2017

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Does this strictly refer to physical position or can it be used the same way as english, like to say you're better than someone?


"Sunt mai bun de tine", or "sunt mai bun decat tine" would be "I'm better than you."

"Peste" can be used in lots of ways and contexts, but you wouldn't use it to say you're better than someone.


This can refer to physical position or social hierarchy too, but nobody will say it exactly so.
Also, note that liz's "sunt mai bun de tine" is grammatically wrong (and it sounds very funny for Romanian ears). Correct is "sunt mai bun ca tine" or "sunt mai bun decât tine" for "i am better than you". For ”I am above you”, people will say ”sunt deasupra ta”. That is because ”peste” (see other posts of mine on Duo) is mainly used with moving verbs. ”I pass over you”=”trec peste tine”. ”i sit on you”=”stau pe tine” (think ”kung fu panda”, ”what are you going to do big guy, sit on me?” ”don't tempt me” hehe...) but ”I am above you”=”sunt deasupra ta”.

As it is formulated (with no subject), it can mean "I am" (eu sunt) or "They are" (ei sunt, ele sunt).


This refers to physical position.


"Un pește este peste un pește!" I image Romanians probably have a tongue twisting rhyme about that one?


Could it be used at "I'm over you" as in a Situation like I don't need someone anymore?

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    No, it literally means sitting or laying on top of someone.

    If you happen to be somewhere above them, swinging in the air or laying above them in a bunk bed, the best word to use is "deasupra" = above.

    I'm over you = am trecut peste (I moved on).


    "They are above you" makes more sense, and is correct.


    (they) Are above you should be accepted


    How wouuld one say 'I am over you' as in the context of talking to your ex after your feelings for them have subsided?

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