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We need more motivations

I think a lot of people starts Duolingo, get discouraged and abandon after a while. Because the lessons are hard (and it's a good point because we learn effectively), and you have to start them again many many times sometimes to pass them.

I suggest to add to Duolingo this kind of "badge" or award, because there's no intermediate awards between the beginning and the time you get your shiny tree finished. Yes, there are the lessons, but it's not really motivating, it's just one more lesson.

I suggest a thing like this: https://www.khanacademy.org/badges/persistence

What do you think? I also noticed there's not a real suggestions management here, like you could have this a special forum or a count on getsatisfaction by example, Have I missed something? Thanks.

March 26, 2014



I'm a gamer, and with most of the games I play, there is an achievement system. Some gamers like me try to earn all of the achievements.

Some ideas for DuoLingo could be:

  • Pass 1, 5, 10, 15, 20 lessons without losing hearts

  • Earn 50, 100, 150 Lingots

  • Have a streak of a week, month, year

Each achievement earned would reward the player with either varying amounts of Lingots or some other such rewards (Free Heart Refill, Streak Freeze, Double or Nothing, etc...)

Let me know what you think.


Yes! Great idea! I was thinking too about a system with level of difficulty, I would like to know which lessons I passed with all my hearts, and if I know, I will try hard to pass all my lessons with a 100% score once my tree is finished.


Other nice thing would be some sort of statistics when we can check on which place we are according to other people. Statistics could be based on the XP and have some different kinds: - for every language (and for current week, current month) - whole XP (and for current week, current month) - translations tiers (and for language, current week, current month) and so on.

You will be able to compete virtually with other people, even when they are not your Followers or you don't follow them.


Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges!!!

heh, sorry, I couldn't resist that. I think your idea is a pretty good one. I'd love to see some sort of positive reinforcement for sticking to it, other than just the streak thing, which only counts the current streak.


Another way to get motivations too would be to see how many times I tried a lesson, how many times I passed with all my hearts, I could do my tree again with the challenge to keep all my hearts, it would be as if I do it again with a level of difficulty greater.


I'm not sure what the new "team feature" is about, but I hope that helps :P.


Team feature? There's a new feature? Have you got the link?


Oh yes! I've missed it. More badges!!! Maybe the sword one is one about persistence? We will see. I keep my suggestion for later when the new badges would be implemented, if it's not among them. So, it's about a competition between your friends?


They're too enigmatic about it. Wow, you have a 80 streak, how are you studies?


They're going well. If i motivate myself (haha) I could probably finish my tree within a month.

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