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  5. "I do not like oranges a lot."

"I do not like oranges a lot."

Translation:Я не дуже люблю апельсини.

July 21, 2017



Я дуже не люблю апельсини is it possible to say?


Я не дуже люблю апельсини = I don't really like oranges

Я дуже не люблю апельсини = I really don't like oranges

It's correct and possible to say, just slightly different meaning :)


"A lot", as an adverb clause, is not used to modify negative expressions. " I do not like (insert noun) a lot " hints at something oxymoronic. " I don't like oranges much " is a better construction, as is Maria's " I don't really like oranges ".


Oh, thanks!

I will for sure remove "a lot" from the default displayed version. But so as I understand, it should be still accepted as a correct solution?

I do feel that "I don't like oranges much" sounds more natural, but thought "I don't like oranges a lot" is still grammatically correct and fine given a context/conversation. E.g. "This guy likes oranges a lot." - "What? No, I don't like oranges a lot!"


Я не багато люблю апельсини. Isn't this a better translation?

[deactivated user]

    Бага́то means something like ’in large numbers, in large amounts’. So, it would mean you don’t like a lot of oranges, it won’t mean that you don’t like oranges a lot.

    Also, бага́то usually is not used as an adverb when the verb has a direct object. Instead, it’s used as an object: я не люблю́ бага́то апельси́нів ‘I don’t like a lot of oranges’.


    Багато = many

    Дуже = very

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