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finishing the duolingo courses eaqual which level in CEFR

I am going to learn German for pleasure and I want to know that aftar finishing that I will be where A2 B1 or B2

July 21, 2017



I have seen at lot of these disscussions and most people tend to agree that it would get you to A2 in reading and A1/2 in speaking, listening and writing. However if you are using a lot of other resources like going to a class and stuff like that then they would get you to B1+ but then it wouldn't really be duolingo doing it.

Basically the highest Duolingo can get you is A2 but if you worked hard and were using other resources you would get better

Edit for link : http://www.examenglish.com/CEFR/cefr.php


I fully agree, after completing the course A2 in reading/writing and A1 in listening/speaking is realistic.

Personally I started Spanish with Duolingo, but I also had a tandempartner and a semester course afterwards. After that I was barely able to pass the DELE B1 exam. With Duolingo alone I would have definitely failed.


Probably A2 /B1


Definitely A2, possibly B1. I barely passed A2 after level 7 Duolingo..


There is no direct level. If you learn everything in the tree and use other resources to learn speaking, writing, more grammar, reading and listening you will be B1. If you only do the tree you will have to practice more listening and reading to reach A1.

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