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Please take action on these spam.

I had open discussion and found out spams at Indonesian forum, it was really annoying and someone please help remove it. =(



July 21, 2017



I feel like there should be a way to report posts.


I just reported the spam to abuse@duolingo.com


In addition to reporting, you can downvote. After so many downvotes, it disappears.


I had downvote, but downvote will only make replies disappear but not for posts, and they seems to be have many accounts to spam upvote on those posts until each post had 20+- likes.

Btw there is no more problem since admin had deleted all of them, discussion finally clean. xD


Actually a total of five negative votes (or the equivalent when accounting for positive votes) will, in fact, make a discussion disappear.


Wow, I just make test on -4 post, and it really disappeared, btw how did you realize -5 will make post disappear? @.@a


I think this is fairly well known among people who have been around for a while, especially those of us who remember a while back, when the required number of down-votes to cause a discussion to vanish was reduced to 5 from maybe 30, to take some pressure off the moderators.

Plus, over the course of time, I've had occasion to down-vote enough spam posts to have noticed the pattern, anyway.


May be i seldom use downvote, did not really noticed it, but had seem before sometimes the new post is disappear self, never notice it is cause by downvote, and though deleted by post owner. xD


And now they even spam the likes, besides remove the posts please take action on those spam accounts as well. =(


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