"Mībi raqiros eman."

Translation:I have a short friend.

July 21, 2017



Maybe it's this guy!

February 8, 2018


I solved this as "I have a small friend." Considering friendship can't exactly be "small", the smallness only applies to the person, and you would say someone is small as much as say that someone is short, right?

July 21, 2017


As I can see in the vocabulary, byka is small - mība is short :)

I.e. with a sword there's a difference by saying "a short sword" or "a small sword" - if using small, it's understood as if the exact proportions of the sword are kept but it's not as big as a regular sword... like with a miniature car - did this help?

September 5, 2017


Don't we all...

January 9, 2018


Se zȳha brōzi Tyrion issa!

August 5, 2018


i cant wait to start calling people "manlets" in high valarian only for them to call me the same thing :c

May 22, 2019
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