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Study flash cards?

Where is the 'study flash cards' section of the website, where you can review learnt words? It was in the ad..

March 25, 2012



I made a quick script so you can make your own flashcards from the vocab pages (instructions on the page): https://github.com/mrjogo/DuolingoVocabExporter


mrjogo, your script has been very useful in allowing me to convert my vocab from duo to anki flashcards for offline study. sadly it isnt working for me at present (and I know you acknowledge that a duo redesign will break it). Im not smart enough to fix it myself. what are the chances that you might do? cheers !


You are the king thank you so much!


As far as I know there is no flashcard on Duolingo. In my opinion the way we learn and revise the words is far better with Duolingo as we don't revise them alone (i.e. English word <-> German word) but within sentences and different contexts (which has been shown to be more efficient). Though, I'd like to know if they use any kind of spaced repetition (I don't think though) and if the sentences are automatically generated. Once again, I'd like the duolingo team to communicate more :) If you are interested in using flashcards I would recommend Anki (http://ankisrs.net/), I use it extensively for my German and English vocabulary and I find it to be very good.


I can't find any Flashcards on DuoLingo either; but I did come across some DuoLingo flashcards on Quizlet. http://quizlet.com/subject/duolingo/


I hear you, Franck. However, I think flash cards would be a helpful aid especially for when using the iPhone app in places where you do not have headphones and do not want to disturb others.


i find memrise.com to be a very useful alternative to flashcards. the site's concept is similar to duolingo (learning methods are based on psychology research), but the site is much more focused on building vocab rather than grammar. i find it complements duolingo nicely.

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