"Kama nitakuwa mgonjwa nitaenda hospitali"

Translation:If I will be sick I will go to the hospital

July 21, 2017

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Should be "if i get sick..." the given answer doesn't make much sense

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Or "If I am sick..." (accepted). "If I will be sick..." is not correct in English.


I keep reporting but it's very difficult when sometimes I get marked as wrong because I put an 'a' or 'the' in, other times I'm marked wrong because I haven't. Has the course been shelved for a while, because the audio was promised ages ago and not much seems to be happening.


I think so, those preparing the course seem to have all but disappeared. I'm guessing/hoping they are busy with something with work or life that they've simply put the project on hold and it will eventually be finished. But for the past few months it has felt that this course will be in perpetual beta.


They seem to be very active now (Jan 2018). They send me replies if they accept my error reports.


If I'm sick I'll go to hospital. "The" is not used in this context, says this native speaker. "If I become sick" is another good option.


June 2020 i had the same issue about the hospital


"The" is used in American English.


The random use or omission of a & the is really irritating.


Yeah. The course is in Beta though. Don't just complain - help improve it. Report, report, report.


I was thinking that "hospitalini" should be used because of the "-enda." Can someone clarify?


Yes is so. This course is full of small errors...


Actually 'hospitalini' was used elsewhere in this lesson, in the sentence: "Daktari hufanya kazi hospitalini'

I wonder if the -ni suffix is omitted when using the verb -enda? Maybe someone can help clarify


The first half of this sentence is not correct English - it should read: "If I become sick ..." and the second part shoukd allow me to put: "... I will go to hospital. " this is not acceptable.


mgonjwa is a noun, 'sick person' and should be accepted, the translation as it is, implies there is use of the verb for to be sick.


Swahili expresses this with a noun, English uses an adjective (sick/ill). Nobody would say "If I become a sick person" in English. Fun fact: In Congo Swahili, they use gonjwa as a verb: Ninagonjwa...

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