"I would never have recognized her with those sunglasses."

Translation:Je ne l'aurais jamais reconnue avec ces lunettes de soleil.

July 21, 2017

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"de" and "soleil" were missing from the word bank options.


i also had the same problem. this is dumb and unintuitive that you have to click to make it a keyboard and then type in the words, when in the past this format has always included all the words you might need for the sentence. surely this is a bug that needs to be addressed. i realize now that "lunettes noires" could have been entered. however, this is somewhat obscure of a translation and the moderator using this to defend the system is a point lost on me when this is a learning platform. i am not going to use an obscure translation in practice. i won't even remember it. as i pointed out in another response, in my years of living in france, i've never heard sunglasses being used to referred to as lunettes noires.


But you can choose the alternate form "lunettes noires".


Why is "noires" an alternative, if few French people even use it ?


When that happens, there is a button below the word bank to revert to the keyboard, then you can type in the missing words, and carry on bravely..


this problem was never fixed but i went with lunettes noires and it worked.


Why "lunettes noires"? Is that colloquial translation for sunglasses?


"Des lunettes de soleil" (sunglasses) or "des lunettes noires" (dark glasses) are essentially interchangeable.


never heard lunettes noires being used during my 5 years in france.


"Noires" means "black," so not in any way interchangeable with "of the sun." That the connection may be made by some French people is rather beside the point for people learning that language, do you not think?


"Je ne l'aurais jamais reconnue avec ces lunettes de soleil" was given as the correct answer, but "de" and "soleil" were not listed as choices; "lunettes" was the only option.


Did they give you "noires"? If so, that is what you should have chosen. « lunettes noires » and « lunettes de soleil » are synonyms.


I've heard 'lunettes de soleil' but not 'lunettes noires' before. Can a native speaker verify?


lunettes noires can be sunglasses but not only. as a native speaker i don't use lunettes noires for sunglasses. sunglasses are lunettes de soleil which be black but not only


Agreed. This may also be a regional thing. As a Canadian native french speaker, I've never heard "lunettes noires". Only "lunettes de soleil."


As a native French speaker (France), “lunettes noires” looks weird. I’ve heard it so rarely that I had almost forgotten this expression existed. 100% of the time I would use “lunettes de soleil” when speaking about sunglasses.

For the record, the word “noire” is not even mentioned in the CNRTL page of “lunette” http://www.cnrtl.fr/definition/lunette


The "noires" would not be translated as "black" but "dark", i.e., dark glasses, aka sunglasses. Some users may be a little overly strict about the interpretation of it. Yes, "lunettes de soleil" are literally "sunglasses". But in everyday English, they are also called "dark glasses" and "lunettes noires" is the corresponding term for that.


i disagree about dark glasses. that's bizarre, at least in US english, unless specifically referring to glasses that blind or visually impaired people wear. why even defend this (lunettes noires option) any more. just own it up as a bug and move on, and hopefully fix it. we don't pay for it so i am obviously ok with either. but at least for the sake of discussion i would hope the course admins rectify it.


Why "reconnue" and not "reconnu"? The past participle refers back to me (je) not her (la) doesn't it?


If a direct object comes before auxiliary avoir, the past participle agrees with it. Here the object does, so it's reconnue


there is no "de soleil" in my word bank! how can I then give the correct answer?


Choose the keyboard and type the answer.


The words de soleil do not appear in the choice below.


How about « noires » ? « Des lunettes noires » are also "sunglasses".


Des lunettes noires peuvent être des lunettes de soleil mais pas seulement. Personnellement je ne dis jamais lunettes noires pour lunettes de soleil. Cette phrase n'est pas excellente. Pas fausse mais pas top


Pourquoi il existerait des lunettes qui sont noires si elles ne se protègent pas les yeux du soleil ??


Lunettes de soudeur. Sont noires et ne protègent pas du soleil. Lunettes noires de déficients visuels... Lunettes noires pour lunettes de soleil est abusif.


"Lunettes de soudeur" would be a (very large) protective visor worn by a welder. Not to be confused with "lunettes noires" (dark glasses) which is just another word for lunettes de soleil, "sunglasses".


Lunettes noires ne s'appliquent pas du tout qu'à des lunettes de soleil. Je ne suis pas du tout d'accord. Et les lunettes de soleil aujourd'hui sont rarement noires.


the words "de soliel" were not available to select


How about « noires » ? « Des lunettes noires » are also "sunglasses".


I live in France and never heard anyone say "lunettes noires"?!


It's never mentioned in the original sentence that the sunglasses are black


dark glasses...sun glasses---we say it two ways also


It is a mistake, the word "BLACK" has been omitted from the French sentence


In English, "sunglasses" and "dark glasses" are often used interchangeably. Not surprisingly, it is the same in French: des lunettes de soleil (or) des lunettes noires (where "noires" means "dark", not "black").


My French boyfriend tells me that "lunettes noires" is wrong unless you're actually talking about a pair of glasses which are black in colour. "Lunettes rouges" for example would be red glasses but sunglasses is "lunettes de soleil" or simply "lunettes".


"Lunettes noires" are "dark glasses", not "black glasses". In common English, "dark glasses" and "sun glasses" are interchangeable.


Your boyfriend is right. Lunettes noires do not mean always sunglasses


Maybe a little too literal. In English, "sunglasses" are also known as "dark glasses". They are not mutually exclusive terms. These two terms are expressed as "lunettes de soleil" and "lunettes noires". They refer to the same thing and both answers are accepted here.


How do you know where to put the jamais, I always get it slightly off... I used je ne jamais...


Generally speaking, the pairs of negative words surround the conjugated verb. Now you will be looking for it and I'm sure the pattern will become obvious to you. Good luck!


there's no "de soleil" offered, but it does pop up what should have been the correct answer, et personne ne dit «lunettes noires» à moins qu'elles soient noires


« Noir(es) » does not only mean "black"; it also means "dark", which is the sense in « lunettes noires », a perfectly acceptable synonym for « lunettes de soleil ».


"Lunettes de soleil" (sunglasses) and "lunettes noires" (dark glasses) are synonymous in English. So then you will find the word "noires" available to you. There is more than one way to write it in French but with the word tiles, there are not options to form all the accepted variations.


"De soleil" are required words when using the word bank, yet these two words are not provided. Problem reported.


How about « noires » ? « Des lunettes noires » are also "sunglasses".


It counted my translation as wrong because I didn't include "de soleil" but those words weren't even in the word bank.


Was the word "noires" in the bank? Because that's what you should have chosen.


Why "ces lunettes" and not "cettes lunettes"?


You might be surprised to know that there is no such word as "cettes". "Ce, cet and cette" all become "ces" in the plural.


The word soleil is not offered


But you can still reach a correct answer by using "lunettes noires", which is possible.


Je ne l'aurais jamais reconnue avec ces lunettes du soleil


Still not accepted. Reporting.


This is frustrating.


His dark materials may call for dark glasses, and perhaps welders use them but don't call them that. I do not know the phrase dark glasses and people have been babbling English into my ears for 50 something years.


la chouette verte est un voleur de coeur!


The above answer was the one I gave and it was marked incorrect, in favour of lunettes noires which is surely 'dark' glasses. Come on, Duo.


Both my dictionaries translate 'sunglasses' as 'lunettes de soleil'. Lunettes noires is in neither.


I'm a bit confused why there is an e at the end of reconnue. We don't normally accord the participle with the verb avoir... Only with être in its conjugated tense. Maybe someone know something I don't?


This sentence uses the conditionnel passé:

"Le verbe au participe passé est accordé en genre et en nombre si l'auxiliaire est le verbe être (accord avec le sujet) ou si le complément d'objet direct (COD) est placé avant le verbe (accord avec le COD et cela même avec l'auxiliaire avoir). "

source: https://www.conjugaisonfrancaise.com/temps/conditionnel-passe.html


Does sunglasses exist that are not dark?


This is ridiculous and only makes you stop using the app. It steals my time from training and fullfills the ego of a translator for shades of words never used...


Lunettes noires doesn't even make sense.you could have sunglasses that sre white and it's much more commonly used des lunettes de soleil


❤❤❤ man? Where is the word black?


Please stop sending me these comments - never asked for them - thanks.


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