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Alternative answers to picture questions not accepted

I have come across these two questions today that didn't accept my answer. As I cannot report them directly, I'm doing it here.

"La carta" is marked wrong as a translation of "the letter":


I've checked a number of dictionaries and several of them do not list "letter" (in the sense of something sent by mail) among the possible translations of "letra". Duolingo accepts "carta" for "letter" in every other sense and it's also listed in the word tab:


The pictures suggest that the "sent by mail"-sense of letter is meant, so I don't see how "la carta" isn't at least an option.

"Gentilhombre" for "gentleman":


I know, I know, Duolingo is teaching Latin American Spanish and this is probably a very European word. But it means "gentleman" and therefore should still be an accepted translation, I think.

July 21, 2017



Why are you unable to report this? In your screenshot, there is a report button located at the lower left. Obviously, "la carta" should also be accepted, especially since there are three pictures of letters.


When you click on the Report button on this sort of question, the only available option is "The pictures don't match the given word". But they fit the given (English) word, so I don't think reporting it that way will help. I guess I could try next time it shows up...


I've wanted to report the "letter" picture many times, but the report button does not have the "my answer should be accepted" option, nor the space to explain.

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