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Microphone does not work...

The system always says "I could not hear you well", but I tried the microphone in midomi test page(0) and it works fine. Weirdly here in Duolingo the Adobe Flash Player Setting window does not appear, while in midomi it does. Possibly the microphone is disabled by default and I cannot activate it? Any insight is welcome.

(0) http://www.midomi.com/index.php?action=main.mic_check

March 7, 2013



This might be because of Flash. When you try to record your voice do you see the soundwave? If you do, then Flash is working. Let me know!


Here in duolingo, there is no visible soundwave. Sigh... :( I love this system, but I am afraid I cannot learn much if I do not talk.


I tried the testing page(0), and all results are "OK". The flash line states: "Flash version 11.6.r602 version 11.2.r202". I do not know if it might help.

(0) http://duolingo.com/sm2_diagnostics/sm2-troubleshooting-tool.html


SOLVED! The solution is right clicking in the flash window in the lower part of diagnostic page(0) and puting the correct setting there for the duolingo.com site. Once I set volumes and allowed the use of the microphone everything works fine.

(0) http://duolingo.com/sm2_diagnostics/sm2-troubleshooting-tool.html


Great! Glad you have your sound back :)


Didn't work for me


Hi, I have a similar problem, I many times get " I could not hear you well" though my microphone surely works, I see the soundwave. Of course my pronunciation is not perfect but it seems like I only go through when I really sound like the speaker. Sometimes it takes 10 trials... It's a bit annoying. Or can there be some technical problems too?

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