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Winner of the foreign language game!

Hey contestants! so, since i promised to tell you the winners of the foreign language game today here they are!

10 lingots winner for best sentence is... Lingoyes!

10 lingots winner for funniest sentence is... MarshVampLee!

And for three lingots, the winner of the randomly selected sentence is... Patrick.Phang!

But wait... one more unknown winner...

Three lingots to...nainai791657 for being the first to reply to the discussion!

An improved Round Two might or might not appear some time. If you liked this game, stay tuned.


July 21, 2017



Wow, can I oin the next one?


Can I join the next one also


Yeah left out the "J" sorry.


Thanks, tell me when!


Muchas gracias, eso fue muy divertido. Nos vemos en la proxima juego.

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