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"When do you take your shower?"

Translation:Quand prends-tu ta douche ?

July 21, 2017



Can you say "Quand tu prends ta douche?"


Use inversion or "est-ce que" after an interrogative word like "quand."

  • quand prends-tu ...
  • quand est-ce que tu prends ...


I thought so but it marked it incorrectly for me.


Could you also ask this question with a different structure like: Tu prends quand ta douche? Quand tu prends ta douche?


I'm no expert, but I believe 'proper' French requires the question word "quand" to come first. After that, you can choose to invert the question (formal) or to not (informal).

It's possible that French slang might allow you to move "quand". I recall Sitesurf giving an example of this with "ou".


I would not recommend using other structures besides these:

  • formal register: Quand prends-tu ta douche ?
  • standard register: Quand est-ce que tu prends ta douche ?
  • informal register: Tu prends ta douche quand ?


My understanding is that it is perfectly acceptable to put the interrogative word last, so that "Tu prends ta douche quand" should be okay.


"À quelle heure prends tu une douche ?" Why is this not acceptable?


You're asking "at what time" and not "when."


Is it absolutely necessary to say this as "ta" douche, as opposed to "Quand prends-tu "la" douche"? I can't imagine how you could take someone else's shower and you've already asked the question of "tu."


No, it's not absolutely necessary to be understood. You can put your chosen determiner in front of "douche" and get your point across.

As for the translation, it actually maps quite directly here.

  • prends ta douche = take your shower
  • prends une douche = take a shower
  • prends la douche = take the shower

You can also ask yourself in English why we say "when do you take your shower" as opposed to just "when do you take a shower."


why not votre? it marked it as incorrect and says it should be ta


Make sure you're not using "tu" and "votre" in the same sentence. "Votre" is accepted provided you use "vous" with it.


"A quelle heure" and "quand" are the same question!

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All the online dictionaries I could find accepted this as a translation "Quand est-ce que vous prenez ta douche" Why won't duolingo?


Then I question those online dictionaries or translators because you cannot use "vous" and "ta" to refer to the same person in the same sentence.


"Quand prenez-vous votre douche ?" Isn't this the formal format?


Yes. Both formal in inversion and in the use of "vous".

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what is wrong with "lorsque prendez-vous votre douche"?


"Lorsque" is a conjunction, meaning you don't use it to ask questions. Only in sentence like "when it was this, I did something".

Also, the conjugation for "vous" is "prenez".

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