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New active French club

Code: MEUZ4T.

A club for serious learners who want to advance quickly.

50XP per week is a must, in order to stay in the club, which isn't asking much. At least 50XP per day would be what the club expects, but everyone has off days, which is why I will give people until the end of the week.

Please interact with each other and let's make this a fun, challenging and interactive club.

*How to join a club: Go to clubs on your tablet or phone, find clubs, and type this code in. If you only have the web version, clubs will not work for you.

Anyways, see ya soon!

July 21, 2017



If someone drops below. Msg me. I am doing min 50 XP in French and Japanese on Duolingo a day.


Give me a shout if I miss. I go anywhere from 10-800 XP a day, lol, depending somewhat on the overall languages I am focusing at that particular time. On average though it's around 250.


I have a french club that will filters out any inactive members. Join at HF69F4. No requirements btw


One day, I supposed that laptop is superior than mobiles.Unfortunately,club activities are restricted to mobiles and do not include laptops.I wonder,how is that small screen carried in pockets became the major way of communications !


Depends on how large you make the keyboard, and what you use to make it better. For example: a stand & a keyboard. Plus you get the chat bot, clubs and exercises without it being slow like it seems to be on Android. Personal experience. Anyways, if you like the site, use the site. If you want more options, find other technology. [If you wish]

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