"He puts it on the table."

Translation:Il le met sur la table.

July 21, 2017

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Why can't it be "Il la met sur la table"? What if "it" was "l'assiette".


That is now accepted. Thanks.


why not "il met ca sur la table"?


"Ca" is not a word in French. Did you mean "ça"?


Confused again by pull down translations. It shows "met" as meaning "put on" so I wrote "Il le met au table". But wrong cause duolingo wanted "sur" (and no "au"). Is that like saying " he puts it on on the table"?? Or doesn't "met" mean "put on", but in this case just "puts"?


There's a difference between "to put on" (to wear) and "to put" (or to place) something on a location. The first "on" is part of the verb, which is used mostly with clothing and accessories. The other "on" is a preposition of place.

In French, the verb "mettre" can convey the meaning of both.

  • Il met la veste = He puts on (wears) the jacket.
  • Il met la veste sur la table. = He puts (places) the jacket on the table.

Some notes about the other words you used:

  • "La table" is feminine. So "au table" is grammatically incorrect. It should at least be "à la table."
  • The preposition "à" usually means "at" or "to." In general, you should use "sur" for "on" something or "on top of" something.
  • Things that are on the table are "sur la table." Like that famous kitchenware retail store in the US: Sur La Table
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