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  5. "Now, let's swim."

"Now, let's swim."


July 21, 2017



How can (saa) be translanted as (Now)?


Though I'm not sure. Maybe it is the same kind as your word 'hey', I think. We know the word is used when. But The word itself don't have clearfy meaning.



Not all words will be translated literally, but rather it is the same expression as "well" or "now" when it's an invitation. To add a bit more context (or at least from how I perceived this) imagine someone is sad and their friend is comforting them, and their friend knows they like to swim. "Now/well, let's go swimming"


As a native Japanese speaker, I can confirm both previous replies.


さあ、泳ぎましょう is wrong?


it's not, but duolingo can be a annoying about kanji.
This is one of those times.
report and hope they put it in at some point. http://jisho.org/word/%E6%B3%B3%E3%81%90


Why isnt いま/今 accepted for 'now'? Thats literally what it means. I understand that its meant to be more of an expression, but I think either いま should be accepted too or maybe change the English phrase to 'well, lets go swimming' or something.


It's not "now" in a literal sense; it's more colloquial. さあ adds a bit more informality to it, like an enthusiastic "Let's". (I'm sorry if it isn't clear; it's hard to explain.)


I already saw so many anime with people shouting this construction. Always wondering "how can i learn that?". T~T now that duolingo give us oportunity, i am so happy.

[deactivated user]

    Stop complaining, it's swimming time


    Presenting both ましょ and ましょう... What a dirty trick.

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