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reverse tree?

Hey guys just wondering how do I try doing a reverse tree in Russian. Thanks :)

July 21, 2017



Go to the page where you select a new language course. Click on the box around the top-right area of the page that reads "I speak :". Choose Russian, then select English as the language you want to study. Then you should be good to go!


I'm assuming you're referring to the English for Russian speakers course? That would be the reverse tree in your case (since you're taking the Russian for English speakers course), and you can begin the skill tree at the following link:

Good luck on your language experience!


is russian reverse tree worth the time?


I am doing the reverse tree in French (I am an English speaker) and I find it very helpful because you spend more time translating from your native language into the foreign language. This is usually harder for me than translating from French into English. After I reached level 25 in French, I still thought I needed more practice. This is more interesting than just continuing to rack up XP.

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