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Question about the quality of lyricstranslate

I've been learning Romanian and just found the band Alternosfera. Unlike a band like Rammstein(my German is much better than my Romanian) I can't understand the lyrics yet and tried relying on a site called lyricstranslate to understand Alternosfera. Except the English translations of the songs are pretty much nonsensical. I can read through a song several times and still not understand what it's about. I'm not far enough along to judge the accuracy of the translation itself, so has anyone else encountered this? Are the translations just bad or is it really hard to keep meaning intact when translating Romanian to English?

Edit: Here is an example: http://lyricstranslate.com/en/snowflakes-are-falling-lyrics.html

July 21, 2017



I can't say anything about the average quality and the difficulty of Romanian-English translations, but in my experience with lyricstranslate, the 'weirdness' of some translations are either due to a lack of knowledge on the translator's part or because the song has been written in a fairly complex or poetic form of the language, which can make translating it properly unbelievably difficult. After looking at some other translations the author of that transltion has made, it seems like it is the former: a lack of knowledge.


Thank you! The translations really made no sense and made me wonder. I thought that surely Romanian wasn't that strange. The lessons sure don't look/sound crazy.

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