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When will High Valyrian be available on the app?

I prefer using the computer version, but it would be nice to know. Thanks!

July 21, 2017



The answer often roughly corresponds to the number of user reports. Since the reports/user metric will be low, as the creator of the language built the course, it's safe to say the course will arrive on the app on the early side of average, but you never know with Duo.


Generally, course become available on the apps after 1-2 months. This may change, though.


It's app-first for Japanese... It will probably NEVER be added to the website. The Incubator still says it's pre-beta.


Stress on Generally. Your point is true, sadly.


Funnily enough I got a notification today on the android app for the High Valyrian course, so I thought that it was already on Android. Turns out it wasn't but maybe the arrival is closer than what we think!


Aaand, today's the second notification. So it's coming, but hopefully quicker than winter


I also got a notification on my phone so I got excited but it just went to my french course :(


The same happened to me today


It has happened to me three or four times but it just opens on my most recent course


It's odd, since Japanese has been released on the app but not on PC.


The High Valyrian on the app is coming !!! ;)


I hope it gets here on the app soon: it will be so much easier to type the macrons!

Also, I thought we were supposed to be able to type, e.g., yy in place of ȳ, but it doesn't work for me. Am I doing it wrong?

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