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  5. "Valo zokli gerpī rhaenis."

"Valo zokli gerpī rhaenis."

Translation:The man's wolves find the fruit.

July 21, 2017



I wonder if Rhaenyra means something like "The Finder" then?


The infinitive form of the verb is: rhaenagon

rhaenagon ['r̥aenagon]

perfect: rhēdan

v. C-fin. [High Valyrian Verb Tables: Consonant-final] to meet; to find

Riña Dovaogēdo muñe rhaenas. — The girl finds the Unsullied's mother.

to begin.

Sūbroma tubis rhaenin. — I begin my day with tea.

From Dothraki Wiki: https://wiki.dothraki.org/High_Valyrian_Vocabulary


How would you translate "The man finds the wolves' fruit."? I got confused on this one and wasn't sure how to translate it. Sorry for the basic question but I thought it'd be useful to ask, rather than not at all.


Never be afraid to ask things! Wolves' in HV will need the genitive plural of zokla (the 's makes it a genitive, and because there are many wolves, it's a plural). Looking at the tables in the wiki, that would be zokloti. So it's:

Vala zokloti gerpī rhaenas.


Ah thank you because that's useful to know! Where did you find the table for wolves on the wiki?


First find the word you want in the vocabulary list:


Then, you have click the link in the description where it says what's the kind of word that it is. In this case, zokla has a link for 1lun, meaning it's a lunar first declension noun. If you click this link, you'll be taken to a sample table with another word of the same type; in this case the example is vala, which is also lunar-1. You'll have to adjust to your word yourself; we see in the table that the genitive plural of vala is valoti, therefore the genitive plural of zokla is zokloti


Woah I see! Thank you so much!


I'm starting to understand this now. Hope this is useful to anyone who's finding it hard:


  1. Nominative: Vala (sg), Vali (pl).
  2. Accusative: Vale (sg), Valī (pl).
  3. Genitive: Valo (sg), Valoti (pl).


  1. Nominative: Zokla (sg), Zokli (pl).
  2. Accusative: Zokle (sg), Zoklī (pl).
  3. Genitive: Zoklo (sg), Zokloti (pl).


  1. Nominative: Gerpa (sg), Gerpi (pl).
  2. Accusative: Gerpe (sg), Gerpī (pl).
  3. Genitive: Gerpo (sg), Gerpoti (pl).

To find: Rhaenagon.

  1. Rhaenan - I find.
  2. Rhaenaa - You find.
  3. Rhaenas- He/She/It finds.
  4. Rhaeni - We find.
  5. Rhaenaat - You all find.
  6. Rhaenis - They find.

We can see then that "Valo zokli gerpī rhaenis" translated literally is "The man's the wolves the fruits find", and this becomes "The man's wolves find the fruits. Please let me know if I made any mistakes. Thanks.


It's really helpful. Have a lingot.

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