"Cratița este pe aragaz."

Translation:The saucepan is on the kitchen stove.

July 21, 2017

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And pot is equally often used to mean saucepan but is not accepted here


Should accept 'hob' = aragaz


i translated this as the "pan is on the stove", which would be sufficient in UK English.


So, could you also say, "Cratița este pe cuptor"?


Cuptor is the oven, which is "the inside". Not all ovens have gas (or electric) heaters on top of them. But if they do, I guess you can, even if it means something else, and be understood.


I don't know what "hob" means... I have been in Romania enough times to have partial understanding of "aragaz". Namely, it's a normal kitchen stove.

At both of my girlfriend's apartments, at her mothers apartment, the aragaz is a standalone unit with burners on the top to put pots and pans on, and an oven underneath (cuptor). They're always powered by natural gas.

At the Dedeman website (equivalent to Home Depot in the USA) here's the results for "aragaz":- https://www.dedeman.ro/ro/catalogsearch/result/v2?q=aragaz&per_page=36&page=1&order=score&category=1153&fromSuggestion=true

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