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  5. "Карі очі"

"Карі очі"

Translation:Brown eyes

July 21, 2017



Чорнїї брові, карїї очі

[deactivated user]

    While long forms of adjectives can be found in poetry (like чорнії instead of чорні, чорная instead of чорна, чорнеє instead of чорне), they sound archaic and are not used in modern language.

    So, while Lesya Ukrayinka wrote «чорная шата», «Чорнеє море», «чорнії брови», we don’t speak like this today. Modern Ukrainian versions are «чорна шата», «Чорне море», «чорні брови». Same for карії vs. карі.

    While Lesya Ukrainka used those sparingly, modern Ukrainian poets use much less such forms. And in prose, those are almost non-existent, at least in Standard Ukrainian (I can’t vouch for the dialects, maybe some dialects do retain them).

    Duolingo doesn’t accept archaic forms, so it shouldn’t accept «карії» instead of «карі» — at least unless it accepts ‘thou hast’ instead of ‘you have’.


    Is "Карі" brown or hazel? When I use google translate both colors come out as the same word. I assume hazel because everything else brown is "коричневе"

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